If You Want To

I’ve watched you from afar and all the things you do
Now here I am and I am standing next to you
My heart is skipping beats every time you move
You could hold my hand now
If you want to

Singing to your words just the other day
Now I’m hanging on to every single one you say
I’ve been here before, but never felt this way
You could kiss me now,
If you want to

All the lonely roads that we once knew
Crossing through the fires to find the truth 
I’d cross them all again if they brought me you
They brought me you

I know we’re moving fast when most would take things slow
But I already know I never want to let you go
I’ve heard it said before that when you know, you just do
You could have my all now, if you want to
You could have my all now, if you want to